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Things to do in Lisbon, a blog

There are so many fun things to do in Lisbon that it was one of those love at first sight places for us! The city has remarkably laid back vibes and is really easy to navigate. There are so many things to do that could keep you busy for weeks, but it’s also the perfect spot for a weekend

Here’s what you’re gonna get with this blog: 

  • Top 7 things to DO & EAT in Lisbon
  • Where to STAY in Lisbon
  • & quick tips for your trip to Lisbon! 

Top 7 things to do & eat in Lisbon

#1. Day trip to Sintra

Sintra is an absolutely magical place that certainly makes you feel like you’re in a story book, and is an official UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s about a 40 min Uber or train ride away from Lisbon, so it makes for the perfect day trip

Here are a few must-do’s in Sintra: 

Pena Palace

The colorful exterior of Pena Palace in Sintra, one of the top things to do in Lisbon
Looking out from the golden arches of Pena Palace in Sintra

While you’re at Pena Palace, you HAVE to get the Broas de Mel cookies – seriously incredible! 

Broas de Mel cookies

Quinta de Regeleria

Aerial view of girl looking down the well in Quinta de Regeleria
Couple climbing the fortress steps at Quinta de Regeleria
Exterior Quinta de Regeleria, one of the best things to do while in Lisbon

Take a Tuk Tuk between castles

2 couples in a tuk tuk in Sintra, Portugal

Also don’t forget to check out the town center of Sintra! It is super cute with tons of places to eat & drink after you’re done living your lifelong princess dreams in all the castles. 

#2. Find a viewpoint (“Miradouro”)

Viewpoint over Lisbon

Pro tip for my #doitforthegram folks (team Kylie) or just anyone who is a sucker for views (team Scott): Miradouro means viewpoint in Portuguese, so whenever you see a sign that says that… FOLLOW IT!

Perfect city view of the orange rooftops of Lisbon

While we fell in love with the views of the city at Miradouro das portas do sol, we also had the most magical time at this bar cafe right above it, Bar Terraço de Santa LuziaIt’s the perfect spot to grab a glass of wine, watch the sunset and, for us, write our life plans & wildest dreams on their napkins (more on that in a #StoryTime blog coming soon). 

#3. Check out the Belem Area

Belem tower in Lisbon
Belem Tower
Padrao dos Descobrimentos monument in Lisbon with statue of cross and sailors
Padrao dos Descobrimentos
Couple in front of Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon
Jeronimos Monastery

Take an Uber or bus to Belem tower and then take a nice walk past Padrao dos Descobrimentos & Jeronimos Monastery.

Menu at Pasteis de Belem, top place to eat in Lisbon
Pasteis de Belem
Golden Pastel de Nata pastry, the specialty of Pasteis de Belem
Pastel de Nata pastry

Don’t forget to grab a pastry at Pasteis de Belem while you’re there! There will definitely be a line but their famous custard pastry, Pastel de nata, is worth the wait! 

#4. Walk around Alfama

Lisbon cable car turning the corner in front of different shades of pink buildings in Alfama

Alfama is an amazing neighborhood in Lisbon, and you’ll certainly find a ton of locals and tons of amazing hole in the wall restaurants here! It is so fun to roam around and just see how the locals live. 

#5. Eat the fish & drink the wine! 

Portugal is particularly known for their fish, so as a vegetarian I didn’t partake much in their local cuisine. However, Scott did! One of their local delicacy is sardines which he claimed were delicious and consequently ordered at every little hole in the wall restaurant we went to. And since we left he can’t stop talking about them… so I’ll take his word for it that they were amazing! 

Here’s an accurate description of His & Hers meals (def not complaining – 10/10 would recommend this rose as an entreé). 

Man eating the sardine fish delicacy in Lisbon
His local meal of Sardines
Mateus rose wine
Her meal

#6. Explore all the cuisines at Time Out Market

Rows of vendors at Time Out Market in Lisbon

The Time Out Market has rows and rows of booths of local restaurants in one big food hall, so it’s the perfect place to try lots of different foods and find something for everyone! 

#7. Explore Bairro Alto

Barrio Alto street with 5 different colors of buildings in Lisbon
Graffiti cable car coming up the street

Bairro Alto is a super fun area and a great place to wander around in the day, but it’s also the nightlife epicenter of Lisbon! At night you’ll see the crowds roll in to this area to go to everything from wine bars to clubs. 

Best pizza in Lisbon

We also found this amazing Italian joint Restaurante Esperança in Bairro Alto and it was so good we went back twice! It was so cute – we always order 2 pizzas to split and they actually cut each in half and served us a plate with half and half. Plus their tiramisu was to.die.for.   (Pro tip: don’t go here if you’re in a rush, it ended up being around 2 hours for dinner) 

Where to stay in Lisbon

Rooftop views from breakfast at the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel in Lisbon

We stayed at the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel near Bairro Alto and loved it! The location was great, they had a great breakfast with a gorgeous view, and they put Port wine tasters in our room as a welcome gift! At the hotel there was also a fitness room (small but got the job done!) and a nice spa. 

Bed and decor inside the rooms at the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel in Lisbon

Quick tips

  • They have Uber in the city and it’s for some reason super affordable. We decided not to bother with the trains and buses and either walked or took Uber everywhere the whole weekend. 
  • Never have I ever been offered so many drugs while walking around town or sitting on a patio at a restaurant. Holy cow. Good news is no one was pushy and you can just kindly say no thank you and they’ll leave you alone. 
  • We didn’t have time to add Porto to our Portugal trip, but if you have a couple more days I’d totally recommend going there! From our research it’s less than 3 hours away from Lisbon by train and there are over 30 trains per day there. 
  • It’s really easy to get to Marrakech, Morocco from Lisbon if you’re looking to add another country to your trip! Here’s our Marrakech Travel Guide if you want to do that! 

Happy Traveling! 

Kylie & Scott

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