Best photo spots in Florence

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9 best photo spots in Florence blog by Love Hard, Travel Often

First of all, in this blog we’ll give you all the best photo spots of Florence in detail. We want to share all the info we can because no one wants to be searching for that perfect photo spot generically tagged “Florence” on insta.

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Since Florence is an incredibly picturesque city, there’s no doubt your Instagram game will be on point after you visit. Without further adieu, here are the best photo spots in Florence!

Photo Spots in Florence

Florence photo spot #1: Florence Cathedral

While the Florence Cathedral is attached to the famous Duomo, the cathedral itself is one of the most gorgeous pieces of architecture in Florence. Due to the the pastel marble and intricate details, this place absolutely belongs on your grid!

Photo tips:

  • The cathedral is located in Piazza del Duomo
  • The best shots are from the left of the Baptistry looking towards the cathedral, but during the daytime this turns into cafes therefore you’ll need to go early in the morning to get this vantage!
  • Be aware that many wedding photoshoots take place here in the morning, so be respectful of those special shots.

Florence photo spot #2: Duomo

Couple posed in front of the Duomo, one of the best photo spots in Florence

Of course the city’s most iconic landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site has to be on this list. There are many angles from below in Piazza del Duomo as well as sweeping city views from the top! When you climb the 463 steps up the dome you’re treated to 360 degree insta-worthy views over Florence.

Girl in a hat overlooking Florence from the top of the Duomo

Photo tips:

  • In order to get a shot of the Duomo from below without other people in it, go at sunrise! The city starts to come alive around 7 am and as a result getting the shot becomes more difficult. If you don’t go at sunrise, though, the back of the Duomo was always much less crowded than the front for shots!
  • While tickets to climb the duomo cost 18 euro, they do give you access to all the sites in Piazza del Duomo. Due to the popularity, you need to buy tickets here and book a time slot in advance to climb the Duomo! Since crowds increase throughout the day, we highly recommend grabbing the first morning slot to get the best shots from the top!

Florence photo spot #3: Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazzale Michelangelo is known for incredible panoramic views of Florence and consequently has one of the best sunsets in the world. Although it takes a little effort to walk up here, the views and photo ops you’re rewarded with are totally worth it!

Photo tips:

  • Since this spot is predominately known for sunset, crowds at that time can be crazy. So, if you want shots without other folks in them head up for sunrise!
  • There are a ton of different angles you can take up here, so stick around and explore the different vantages you can capture of the city!

Florence photo spot #4: Ponte Vecchio/Arno River

Ponte Vecchio is a historic bridge that crosses over the Arno River, and is unique since it has shops built along it!

Since there are tons of photo angles here including pics of and from the bridge, this is one of the best photo spots in Florence!

Florence photo spot #5: Photo Booths

If you’re looking to add some retro vibes to your instagram, certainly grab your camera and head to the old fashioned photo booths around the streets of Florence! In addition to being cute for photos, these booths still use real film processing and provide such a fun souvenir.

Photo tips:

  • There are many ways you can use the photo booth as a backdrop, and once you make a photo strip it can make for a cute prop in other photos throughout the day!
  • While you can type “Fotoautomatica” into Google Maps to find all of the photo booths around Florence, this one was our favorite to take pics with!
  • It costs 2 euro per photo strip and since they use real film it takes 5 minutes to develop.

Best photo spots beyond Florence

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While not technically in the city, we found the most iconic Tuscany photo we could dream of an hour and a half from Florence. This spot near Asciano with the windy road lined with trees and mountains in the distance certainly makes the perfect backdrop for photos!

Photo tips:

  • Since this is technically just outside Asciano, follow your GPS to Agriturismo Baccoleno (43.2005822, 11.5906828) to find the exact spot.
  • The road is private entry but if you park there is a walking path to the left of the gate!
  • This spot looks great from all angles, but if you have a drone it’s a great place to fly
  • The best shots here are probably at sunset with the warm light on the hills, but it’s honestly gorgeous all day!
  • The hills do turn brown throughout the summer, so towards the beginning of Summer is the best time to see this place in all of its lush glory!

Tuscan flower fields

With more natural beauty than we’ve ever seen, you’ll find the most photo-worthy flower fields in Tuscany! So, if you’re anything like us you’ll pull off the road time and time again to take pictures and admire the beauty!

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Because Pisa is a short 45-75 minute train ride from Florence, it’s an iconic shot to get while you’re here.

Photo tips:

  • If you want the iconic “holding the tower up” shot go to the left of the tower across the grass. Since it’s not allowed to go on the grass, you can get this shot any time of day!
  • Because of the ability to capture the whole building, our favorite angle was from the side opposite the grass & behind the tower (here). It does get pretty busy, though, so aim to be there before 8 am if you want fewer people in the background.

Saturnia Hot Springs

Because of its mystical nature, our absolute favorite Instagram spot in Italy is the Saturnia Hot Springs. Although it’s a 3 hour drive from Florence, the springs are an epic place to take photos while you’re in Italy!

Photo tips:

  • The springs are located at Terme di Saturnia and can get very crowded, so visit at sunrise on a weekday to try and get a shot alone.
  • While our favorite angles here were drone shots, you have to be careful with your drone as the mist from the springs can mess with the sensors!

Other notable Instagram spots

While we weren’t able to fit these into our trip, here are a few more places where we’ve seen folks take gorgeous shots in Florence!

  • Certainly the gorgeous gardens Giardino Bardini and Giardino di Boboli would make for great photos!
  • Because of the unique views of the Duomo, the top floor of Biblioteca Della Oblate is a hidden gem!

We hope this helps you find the best photo spots in Florence and get your most gram-worthy shots during your trip!

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Happy Traveling!

Kylie & Scott

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9 best photo spots in Florence blog by

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